About Us

Sick Bastard Streetwear was founded in 2020.

We are an America proud, military supporting, freedom loving, clothing company.

Our clothes are edgy, rebellious, and non-conforming.

The business is owned by a husband and wife team out of Minnesota.

The idea for Sick Bastard Streetwear came from loving fashion and having a fashion background.

The name is, well you know, from knowing Sick Bastards and or being one. 

In the light of the way our Country is going, we felt the need to design and make some patriotic clothing.

We love our patriotic community. We also love the people who are ready and willing to wear the rebellious designs we make.

Our goal is to continue making America loving and patriotic designs, and also some of the non-conforming ones as well.

We plan on continuing to grow the business. We are hoping to get in some retail stores soon.

Until then we will always be online and doing our pop up shops across America.

We thank you for your continued support, and for spending your hard earned money on our products!